World’s renowned Amusement Games and Kids Rides manufacturing & importing company established 1986 with a vision to manufacture sophisticated and indigenously develop Amusement products and also import outstanding amusement games and kids rides from across the globe.

H.G. Electronics manufacturers state of the art, Indoor & Outdoor Amusement Games and Rides like Redemption Games, Skill Games, Gift Games, Various types of Rides, Walking Animals, Battery Operated Cars & Bikes, Video Games, etc.

With well established infrastructure in place and highly qualified engineers and technicians, the company focuses on continues development of new concepts and ideas. The Company deals with reputed and prospective companies throughout the globe. The company strategically focuses on Indian and Global market by developing unmatched and vivid concepts and sets a goal to relive and entertain the people.

The Company’s CEO trots the globe in search of amusement games and kids’ rides that are unique and/or outstanding. H.G. Electronics imports Amusement Games & Rides like Gift Games, Skill Games, Thrill Games, Kiddy Rides, Family Rides, Video Games, Walking Animals, and Power Games etc.

H G Electronics is trusted for quality and after sales services. The company believes in developing healthy and long relation with valued customers whose trust and values are the motives behind the success to the company.